Bedsores Stages

What is the Bedsore and Stages?

Bedsore Stages are also known as pressure sores or pressure ulcers. Whenever a patient is lying or sitting on the bed (beds) for a long time, then due to sitting such as heel, ankle, hip, or buttocks, there is pressure on all these.

And this pressure is done by putting weight on the body. So whenever the patient presses on his body part, due to which the blood supply stops. Due to the stoppage of blood supply, there is no supply of oxygen to that tissue part, and at the same time, there is no circulation of blood. And gradually the cells of that part get damaged. And in the end, the tissue of that part gets ruptured.

If we still do not pay attention to this problem, then the bacteria get a chance to grow. Then this problem does not get fixed quickly. what are the bedsores stages

Bedsores stages

There are 4 stages of bed sore

Bedsore First Stage: In this stage redness will come, there will be inflammation and there is also some burning and itching. When the patient is continuously sitting or lying down, the point at which there is more pressure there may be slight swelling or reddening. For example, the side on which we are lying turns red and if we get up and change our dice then it becomes white.


Bedsore 2nd Stage:  In this stage, the epidermis and dermis layer of our skin gets torn. In particular, the epidermis layer itself bursts, if these are not taken care of, then the bacteria get a chance to grow and it starts turning into stage three.


Bed Sore 3rd Stage: The infection which is in this, reaches the infection layer, ruptures or bursts and there it becomes like a ring-type or circle and there is pus and quickly bacteria start to grow there. If the patient does not get good treatment here, then he becomes very bad and many times it happens that even his bone starts showing heel, ankle, hip, or buttocks, very dirty bedsores start appearing here. And slowly it starts turning into the fourth stage.


Bed sore 4th stage: In this stage, the patient starts feeling very severe pain and a high fever also starts coming. WBC counts also increase. The bedsore area starts to smell very strong.


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symptoms of bedsores

  • Whenever there is a bedsore, you will see redness.
  • Inflammation and cracking of the skin. Due to which white-colored pus falls in it.
  • Blood starts coming out on the bedsore.
  • The patient starts to smell after stage three.
  • The patient also starts getting a fever.


What are the Causes of Bedsores

  1. Patients with Parkinson’s Disease or ventilator or paralysis are more likely to have bedsores.
  2. Those patients pass stool or urine. They do not know whether they have passed a stun or urine. Their moisture gets collected, especially in the area of ​​the hip.
  3. Many times it happens that if such mattresses are given to the patient, air does not pass in them. The position of the patient changes, but there is a lot of heat and sweating starts coming out.
  4. In this there is a problem of blood circulation or if the patient is diabetic. If you are diabetic then the chances of bedsores increase.
  5. The amount of sugar in the blood of a diabetic patient is high. There is a higher risk of having bedsores, mostly 90% of the people in the hospital are diabetic.


Bed sore Treatment at Home

In stage 1 bedsores, apply coconut oil on the skin in the morning or evening thrice a day. It is very beneficial. The position of the patient has to be kept getting the dice every 2 hours. Use air matter instead of mattress for the patient. Because such sensors are inserted in the air matter, due to which the movement of air keeps happening in it.

Water meters can also be used. It is very important to buy it, it plays a very important role in bedsores.

If the patient is in stage 2 bedsore, then simple betadine can be applied on his skin in the morning, evening, or thrice a day. bedsores treatment Neosporin powder is to be sprinkled after applying Betadine. With this, bedsore stage 2 will be cured well.

If the patient is in stage 3, first of all, the patient should not be allowed to sweat. If the patient passes stool or urine, it has to be cleaned thoroughly. Then for dressing, you will need many things like surgical gloves (according to your size), NS 500ml, Metrogyl 100ml bottle, gauze piece, cotton roll, Neosporin powder, megaheal ointment for bedsores, Paraffin Gauze, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

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How to do Bedsore Treatment/Dressing?
  • First of all, lay a sheet of plastic under the patient, then so that the patient’s mattress does not get wet. Make him lie on it.
  • after that the position of the side where the bedsore is there, wherever the dressing is to be done, that area has to be cleaned with NS 500ml.
  • You can also put a little betadine inside the NS. Then it has to be washed well. Then take gauze and clean the pus well.
  • After that, a little hydrogen peroxide is to be put on the patient’s wound, bubbles will arise on putting it, they have to be cleaned with ns.
  • After washing it has to be washed again with Metrogyl. After that megaheal ointment bed sores is to be applied. After applying this, apply a gauze of Paraffin and pad it.
  • And have to cover up. Similarly, you have to do daily morning and evening for 20 consecutive days. It will heal with promise in Stage 3. This is what we do at Daily Hospital.


In stage 4, the pus culture has to be tested to see why it is forming pus. After the test report comes, you will know which bacteria is causing this pus. Now how to make up bedsore to treat it? Told.

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Q:1 Can we use enzomac cm ointment to treat 1 stage of bedsore?

Ans: Do this under the supervision of a doctor. Enzomac Ointment is an anti-toxin medication used to deal with specific skin diseases like impetigo (red bruises), repetitive bubbles and others. It works by killing a few microorganisms. This assists with working on your indications and fix the basic disease. Enzomac Ointment is for outside utilize as it were.

Q:2 What are Bed Sore Dressing Materials list for Treatment?

Ans: Ingredients for Bedsore Treatment: Betadine, Neosporin Powder, Surgical Gloves (according to your size), NS 500ml, Metrogyl 100ml bottle, gauze piece, cotton roll, Neosporin powder, megaheal ointment bedsores, Paraffin Gauze, hydrogen peroxide etc.

Q:3 Which is the best spray for bedsore patient?

Ans: wasa mousse spray It eliminates skin diseases. This spray helps prevent bedsores. This spray is used to clean the patient’s skin or to remove the residues on the faeces and urine.



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