Air Mattress For Bedsores Patient, Stages, How To use Air Mattress

Air bed mattress (for the patient with bed Sores)

How To Use Air mattress/Bed | Nick Medi is a blogger, today I will tell you how to use air mattress and how it is very useful for bedsores patient. One of the leading Inflatable Cushion providers is an item called Exchanging Pressure Pneumatic Bed for Bed Bruise Anticipation or Air Pocket Cushion. We supply and commodity Bubble Type Anti Decubitis Air Mattress and Pump System, intended for use at home, nursing homes and emergency clinics for medical use. Exclusive in quality and productivity, the gear is light in weight which makes it extremely easy to ship and makes exceptionally low noise while operating.


Bubble Type Medical Air Mattress for Bed Sores

Air mattress is very important for a patient lying on the bed for a long time or an injury, it provides comfort to him, if a patient lies on the bed for a long time, he may be hospitalized, ill or be unable to walk. The explanation for bedding is constant stress, which along with various factors such as moisture is applied to specific body parts. We offer the uniquely designed Medi Air Mattress Bed, which answers for fix or forest bed take off. If you want good quality and brand air mattress then you can buy from here.

Air Mattress

How To Work air mattresses?

The medical gadget is exceptionally designed to relieve long-term tension to the patient’s muscles to prevent forest bed sores in the same position. Medi Healthcare is one of the information about Driving Air Bed Providers who offer their recommendations regarding Heavy Duty Pneumatic Machine and Blue Ultra Fine Sleeping Cushion High quality used in manufacturing of Air Mattress Contents and tips are shared with people, making Medi Air Bed a reliable medical hardware. Its robustness makes it ideal for home use as well as hospitals. Unlike the air pocket type medical air bed, this item is more powerful in counteracting bed sores. The height of the cylinder is 5 inches so it allows more air in and holds the muscles back and ensures better positioning of the patient. The sleeping cushion is very strong and yet you can press it down when you enter the cylinder.

Step 1

Spot the inflatable cushion’s siphon on a flat table or drape it on the foot side with a holder.

Unfold the pneumatic bed on a foam bed and lay it so that the attachment is at the foot. The overhang that closes on the side of the foot can be tucked under the fan sleeping cushion. The inflatable cushion overhanging the side of the head can be used to make a pad or can be wrapped.

Step 2

Connect one end of the air tubes to the vacuum device and the other end to the pneumatic bed. Firmly interface them on both closures. Make sure the air pipes are not clogged.

Step 3

Turn on the Electric Siphon on the Inflatable Cushion by interfacing with 220-V AC. The green light will flash. The pneumatic bed will start flying. Keep the tension changing knob fully on before everything else. It will take about 10 minutes to expand.

The siphon must be kept on continuously during use or else the sleeping cushion will flatten. After about 10 minutes the A type air pocket will expand rather than the B type at the beginning of the cycle.Change the pressure in a perfect world with the turning knob so that there is a two finger hole between the flattened air bubble and the patient.

Step 4

To remodel the bed when not in use, you really want to squeeze the air out of the spout from the opposite side.

What is the Bedsore and stages, Treatments

Precautionary Measures | Troubleshooting

  • Keep the inflatable cushion electric siphon on for 23 hours and off for 60 minutes.
  • Try not to use the air cushion near an open fire or too close to a warmer.
  • Try not to smoke near inflatable cushions
  • Get sharp objects away from the pneumatic bed.
  • Try not to stay on the pneumatic bed. The biggest load bearing limit along these lines is 100kg, orderly should not sit on the inflatable cushion as it will stretch the sleeping pad.
  • Siphon the air cushion away from water or sticky surfaces. Clean the bed with a gentle cleanser whenever needed.

Check: If the inflatable cushion siphon does not turn on, please look at the wire at the bottom of the pneumatic bed siphon, if supplanted with another 1.5A/250V wire. If the siphon is working but the sleeping pad is not swollen please check the associations and the pneumatic bed for spillage afterwards. The cut unit provided a pneumatic bed whenever found in use.

Air Mattress Specifications
  • Sleeping Pad Bed Sore Anticipation Structure
  • Hostile to Decubitis inflatable cushion and siphon framework
  • Breaker rating of this mattress model
  • Maximum load carrying limit 100kg
  • 12 hours of continuous use, then 60 minutes of rest time


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