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A Healthy Diet Plan that which contains the nutrirtions that keeps healthy of our health. Healthy Diet hels us in fighting with many Diseases like Heart Attack, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cancer, Thyroid etc. Healthy Diet Plan and healthy fruits along with keeping us healthy also helps us in our Weight lose.

How to Healthy Fruits are important for us

We knees to eat Green Vegetables, Fresh Fruits, and Fresh Herbs loaded with Vitamins, Fiber, Minerals, Onions and Omelette should be add in our Diet.

Healthy fruits are an excellent source of Vitamins and minerals.

Fruits are good in taste much they are good for our Health. Fruits have there own type of nutrition

Eating a Balanced Diet

A healthy balanced diet is important for our good health. Its meaning is that remember that whatever food we are eating, then it should be full of nutrition. We should do at least portions of each day’s variety every day. In our daily life, we should consume sources of protein like Dell, Egg, Milk, Fish, Meat etc.

Here are the top healthy fruits to enjoy to on a regular basis-


Apples are found from cold regions. Generally three the tone of color Apple. Tone of the colours is Red, Green and Yellow.

But most of the peoples are like Red coloured Apple. Apple helps us fight many diseases.


Apples have calories, carbs, fiber, vitamin C, Potassium, vitamin K etc.

Apples are may be good for weight lose  Apples have more fiber, nutrirtions, Vitamins, water etc.

Apples are good source for our healthy, body healthy skin and etc.

Apples are may be good for our heart. It reduces the risk of heart attack in our body to a great extent.It also contains antioxidant agents. We should eat apple with the skin because its peel contains nutrients that keep our body fit.

2. Beetroots:-

The color of beetroots is red. By drinking a glass of beetroot juice daily, our body gets nutrients and minerals. It is not fat. This is a fat free. It is very beneficial for our health, but sime peoples are not like it because it has a slightly different taste.

But the properties present in it help a lot in maintaining our health.It is rich in Vitamin C. It acts as a powerful antioxidant. Both of the leave and the roots can be eaten. We should eat it raw because cooking destroys the properties present in it. We can also eat it in the form of salad.

It is a healthy vegetable that provides us with a lot of nutrients and minerals. Beetroots salad is healthier than its juice. Drinking juice made from beetroot, carrot and tomato is also very good for our health. Beetroot and amla juice are also good for our health. It naturally increases the level of iron in our body.

Beet juice should be taken 1 hour before the meal. Beetroot juice acts as a healthy smoothie. Beetroot smoothie is the star of all smoothies.

How Beetroot Smoothie Protects Us From Diseases:-

A. It helps in controlling our blood pressure. The nitric acid present in beetroot reduces the diseases of blood pressure occurring in our body.

Eating beetroot increases the amount of blood in our body. Beetroot fulfills the lack of blood in our body.Beetroot is rich in iron. It increases the amount of blood in our body. Beetroot smoothie is also an energy drink for us. We can drink it after exercising. Beetroot smoothie is a smoothie diet. Who takes care of us and our health.

We should take beetroot smoothie as a healthy drink after workout.

Beetroot increases the level of blood in our body. Beetroot leaves and root both are useful for us.

This salad is more useful than beet juice, which means it is more beneficial for us raw.

Beetroot has antioxidant properties. Its antioxidant properties help us fight the harmful radicals of the body. If the fundamental level exceeds our body then it adversely affects our cells and DNA.


Bananas are a good source of potassium. It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium in abundance. The amount of starch in a green banana is more than in a ripe banana.

Potassium helps in maintaining the fluid level in our body. Banana is very beneficial for our bones and nervous system.


It is claimed that the size of a regular banana is 126 grams.

Banana contains calories, fat, potetisium, carbs, fiber, vitamin C, floats, copper, potassium, magensium. A banana provides about 112 calories.

Banana are also good for childrens. One medium size banana provides 3 gram of fiber. Bananas are also helps in weight lose.Bananas keep our digestive system healthy.

The properties present in banana also keep our heart healthy. Especially it manages our blood pressure. Banana is a great source of potassium.

Conclusion:-  fruit is very beneficial for us. Provides special energy to our body. we should eat fruits every day.

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