Glucometer & Strips

Glucometer and test strips

What is Glucometer?

Glucometer strips | If you are a diabetic, you will need to be tested for diabetes. Because the increased level of diabetes can also affect your heart. Due to diabetes our circulation and eyes are also affected.

To avoid all these diseases, it is necessary to improve the routine. It is necessary to control it by testing it for the increasing level of diabetes.

With a glucometer, we can know the level of diabetes, and if it’s level increases then we can control diabetes by checking it with a glucometer.

Who can be Use glucometer strips

If you are a diabetic patient then you will need a glucometer to measure the level of sugar in your body. The glucometer shows the amount of increased sugar level in the body.

How to use the glucometer

To measure the level of diabetes in his body, the user inserts the strip into the glucometer. To check the level of diabetes in the glutamate, blood is required on the strip, so the user pricks the latest pin into his finger, so that a drop of blood coming from the finger is applied to the strip. After a few seconds of doing this, the glucometer tells the diabetes level of the user.

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Uses Of a Glucometer

  • To check blood sugar levels before and after meals.
  • To check what is the level of blood sugar in the body
  • To recognize the pattern of blood sugar
  • To control the increased amount of blood sugar over time

What do you need for a glucometer?

  • glucometer
  • latest pin
  • test strips
  • A notebook to record the result

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Q: Is Accu Chek accurate?

Ans: According to FDA, Accu-Check Result Hits Accurate.

Q.What is normal blood sugar by age?

Ans: Blood sugar values for adults should be 90 to 110. 

Q: What is the normal reading without a diabetic patient?

Ans. Blood sugar level should be 80-90 mg/dl before meals

         The blood sugar level in the body should be less than 140mg/dl after a meal

Q: Is 5.9 A good blood sugar level?

Ans: Normally, the blood sugar level is below 5 millimoles per liter of 100gm per deciliter

Q: What drink lowers blood sugar?

Ans. Caffeine is very useful for patients of diabetes. Caffeine present in green tea is helpful for the human body.

Q: What are the types of Glucometer?

There are two types of glucometer strips

  • standard glucometer
  • continuous glucometer

Q: How long do glucose meters last?

Ans: Many glucometers can be used for more than 10 years. 

Q: What does e9 mean on Accu-Chek?

Ans: E 9 in Accu -chek means the glucometer battery is almost drained

Q: Can glucometer strips be reused?

Ans: We should use a new glucometer strip for each time test. Because once the used strip is used again, we do not get the correct information about the blood sugar level. Along with this, we should also make sure that there is no moisture in the glucose strip, that is, this strip should be in a box away from moisture.


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